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Statement from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the passing of ‘El Comandante’ Fidel Castro

Audio Recorded: November 29, 2016 at 5AM

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me that there is a law in nature that whenever a people are deprived of that which God intends for that people to have such as freedom, justice, equality of opportunity and equal membership in society; the longer the people are deprived the greater the manifestation of the one who is born out of that longing from a simple woman to answer that need, that cry, that prayer of those deprived who long.

In my last conversation with Commandante Fidel Castro we were to have 20-minutes it lasted for a little over three-hours.  And in the last 20-minutes I spoke to him about himself.  I gave him the aforementioned words saying that he has been an answer to the prayers and the longing of people not only in Cuba, in the Caribbean and Central and South America but people all over the world who have longed for these natural rights that God intends for his creatures but they have been denied under slavery, colonialism and neocolonialism.

In answering the prayer of all he becomes a messenger of Allah; he became a messenger to All from the God of All to answer the critical needs of All.  And like Jesus who said he came into the world that those who say they see may go blind and that those who are blind may see.  The revolution that Jesus was to bring about would take those that were up and sit them down and those that were down and deprived would be raised up.  Such a man was Fidel Castro.  No wonder people hated him.  They hated him because of their privileged position exercised over the Black and peasant class of Cuba, Central and South America—and the Black and peasant class of the world.

I said to him, dear brother we all have to leave this earth at some time, physically we all will taste of death.  I said, but you sir—there is no such thing as death for you that the ideas and the principles, universal principles, and the internationalist thought that you put in the people is the seminal fluid of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Brother Abdul Akbar Muhammad was with me and he saw tears come up in Commandante Fidel Castro’s eyes and I quoted to him from the Qur’an.  “Speak not of those who die or are slain in the way of God as dead.  They are alive but you perceive not.”  The physical flesh and blood and bones of my brother are gone from us but the revolutionary ideas and principles that he lived are alive. They’re in the people that his revolution quickened to international consciousness.  And those characteristics and principles are found all over our planet today among the poor and the oppressed and the weak.  He lives!  In my heart and in the heart of all of us who understand his role, he will never die.

Long live the memory of Fidel Castro.  Long live the Cuban people who have endured this savage blockade for over 50 years and have produced magnificent things in medicine, in science, in culture for the world to receive.

Long live the Cuban revolution. And may we be on the side of those who admit that we were once blind but it’s our time to see as the confusion of Western heads of state and government is so clear that they are going blind.  The confusion that exists in the Heads of State and government of the Western world will continue.  They will continue to break apart as the poor, the weak, the Black, the Brown and the Red will continue to rise by the grace of Allah (God).

Statement from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the passing of ‘El Comandante’ Fidel Castro (November 29, 2016)