By Tariqah Shakir- Muhammad, Michael Z. Muhammad And Nisa Islam Muhammad
Final Call News, Posted: Oct. 17, 2017

NEWARK—The Nation of Islam and Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan were well-received during the weekend of Holy Day of Atonement here. Believers from out-of-state and in New Jersey came and left with high spirits and greeted one another warmly. They also were warmly welcomed by city residents.

The weekend included traditional Friday Jumu’ah congregational prayer, Family Fun Day, a Youth Forum and closing Oct. 15 address by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, born and raised in Newark, welcomed the Nation of Islam to the city for the 22nd anniversary of the Million Man March and Holy Day of Atonement. “We’re happy that the Nation decided to have it here in Newark. Obviously, Newark is in a state of revival, transformation and this is probably a part of how we continue that transformation and make it kind of a spiritual transformation as well,” he told The Final Call.

“We’re excited about it. Excited to have so many of our folks in our city, seeing what’s going on here in Newark and seeing if we can make the kind of connections we need to make around the country to get people to open their eyes and see what’s happening in the great city of Newark and come hang out, build, live and stay in the city of Newark.” Min. Farrakhan.

Khalilah Muhammad of New York felt the Youth Forum was incredible. “I think it was very good for our youth. I wish there had been more on the panel,” she told The Final Call. She was particularly inspired by a 20-year-old entrepreneur who was present during discussions of youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and community involvement.

She also found city residents very familiar with the Nation of Islam. They know who we are and see us out in the community, she said.

Richard Muhammad, also from New York, assisted with promotional work before the weekend commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the Million Man March. Newark residents were very eager to hear Minister Farrakhan, he said. A promotional telethon for ticket sales to Symphony Hall was amazing, he added.

“We were really rocking!” he told The Final Call. Ticket sales were successful and many asked for more information regarding the Nation of Islam and the Minister while making their purchases.

Zulimah, a student from Newark, had never been to an address by the Minister but was very interested in the subject “Separation or Death.” “I’m a debater and a lot of times we argue about race critical theory and how anti-Blackness still functions within society,” she told The Final Call, “and so I feel like not only will this help my debating skills but it will also help me with my interactions when I leave Newark.”

“My father was raised under the Nation of Islam so he basically, very much installed the idea of how Blackness functions within society inside me. … I began to recognize the importance of learning about your people and learning about the Nation of Islam and other groups within society that are functioning to help Black people rise,” she added.

Atavia, who lives in New York but is from Oakland, Calif., has listened to the Minister and visited Mosque No. 7 in Harlem. The spirit that the Believers have was loving and beautiful, said the young Black woman. “Everyone is hugging and kissing. It’s just refreshing to be in an atmosphere like this where everybody is so extremely positive and loving,” she stated. “With the way the cultural climate is going [and] the political climate, it does feel like we’re very separated, that Black people do need to be together, more stronger now more than anything.”

Mary Brown, a songwriter, vocal coach and singer, has penned hits for marquee artists, working with Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, Patti La- Belle, Babyface, Trey Songz and others.

“I felt the Minister today was God sent. His message was powerful and I thought it was something we all needed to hear. I’m so grateful that I’m able to witness a living man of God, to be here for our purpose of growth and progress in America. The highlight for me during his speech was the reference to the American flag,” she said.

“Showing the government itself is disrespecting the flag, but yet penalizing someone for having cared about his own people, the Kaepernick thing.”

“I think it is a tremendous blessing when the Minister can come to town and bring all of us together like this. Just to reassure the people of the importance of trusting and believing in Allah and fighting for our liberation. He just will never quit,” said Imam Abdul Malik. “He has been on his post for 40-plus years. We need to do the same. But to see the Muslims and Christians just family come together is beautiful just beautiful. I was captured by the Minister’s opening today. Just the way he was breaking certain things down. I will need to go and listen again to the DVD. He captured me right there. He truly unraveled some stuff today.”

“This speech today set the challenge for this government and its leadership,” commented Carlos Muhammad, student minister for Muhammad Mosque No. 6 in Baltimore and Nation of Islam historian. “The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan made it clear as it relates to the suffering of Black people as well as the future, on the spiritual level of really exposing to the world the true Jesus, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, his leader and teacher. No doubt the highlight of the speech was his exposing the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the true Jesus and lifting him up.”

During his message Min. Farrakhan told his audience the prophetic figure known in scripture as Jesus is not a White man but is Elijah Muhammad, a man born from and raised among Black people, a mentally dead people, in fulfillment of scripture.

Abdul Haleem Muhammad is the student minister for the Nation of Islam’s southeastern region. “We have to make a decision to come together and do that which is proper for the future of our children and their children,” he said. Min. Farrakhan made it clear the calamities hitting America are not climate change, happenstance or weather manipulation, said the Houston resident.

“It is the work of the Son of Man and it has all been predicted and spoken of by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in his classic book the Fall of America. So we need to heed the call and do what is necessary to save our lives,” said Min. Haleem Muhammad.

A son of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Student Minister Rasul Muhammad said, “I know that what he had to say is on time because he identified the president of the United States and the country itself as a modern Egypt and the president as pharaoh and that means we are at the time of the end of this world and this country as we have known it. It doesn’t mean the end of the birds and the bees and the plants and the trees and life on earth. But rather the mindset of the governing devils of this world. And Donald Trump is no question the chief of them all."

Angela Stewart, a retiree from New Brunswick, N.J., observed, “The Minister said we are reflections of our rebellion from God. That shook me right there and I started taking notes. I’ve never heard him talk like this. I’m not new to Minister Farrakhan. He’s very popular in New Jersey. I can hardly wait to hear what he has to tell President Trump. I guess this really is the fall of America.”

“I’ve wondered for years what the Qur’an meant when it said Allah revealed the Qur’an in one day, the Night of Power but then we hear the Qur’an was revealed over 23 years,” said Jameel Harrison, a mechanic from Newark. The Qur’an is the Muslim book of scripture.

“It was not making sense to me until today, until Minister Farrakhan explained it. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, received the whole Qur’an in one night and then over 23 years different experiences allowed him to recall what he was given. It was so crystal clear. I’m so glad I came,” he said.

Babatunde, a teacher from Newark, brought students to hear Min. Farrakhan speak at Symphony Hall. “We saw some YouTube videos in preparation but there is nothing like seeing him in person. He was vibrant, clear and on point. Did he say he was 84 years old? That’s how I want to be when I’m 84 years old. That man is amazing. We need more of him, more often,” said Babatunde.

“Trump is making us mad and scared at the same time. Mad because he is ridiculous at the expense of people’s lives. Scared because of what he could do next that would be worse. But after hearing the Minister I understand this is all God’s will,” said Renee Turner, a mother and wife who attended the speech with her husband and children. She lives in Newark. “I understand we need to be getting ready for separation. We will be ready,” she added.

Nikiah Carter, administrative assistant from Newark, heard Min. Farrakhan for the first time in person. “My boyfriend’s been talking about him and I had to see him for myself. I was more than impressed,” she said. “Who is responsible the potter or the clay? That had me thinking. If God made the devil, maybe we’ve been thinking about things all wrong. What does God want us to know? I will keep up with the Minister to hear what he says to Trump.”

Musa Miller, a Newark high school student, was “dragged” to Symphony Hall by his mother. “Keeping it 100, I didn’t really want to come but she made me. I’m glad she did. This was powerful. I like the Minister and will watch some of his videos now,” said the teenager. “I wish he could come to my school and talk to all of my friends. They are caught up in the wrong stuff. They need to hear this.”

Walter Davis, retired Newark resident is a longtime admirer and follower of Min. Farrakhan. “I’m not a Muslim but I still love him. He has lots of followers that don’t go to the mosque. I’m with him every step of the way. He says separate, I say, ‘where are we going Brother Minister?’ The first time I heard him talk about separation was 30 years ago. I thought he was just talking but now I see clearly we must do for self in our own land.”

Source Final Call News