Post date: July 11, 2017

The stunning display of fashion, culture and refinement uniquely exhibited by the M.G.T. and G.C.C. (the women and girls of the Nation of Islam) graced the runways during Torino Fashion Week June 29-July 5 in Turin, Italy. 

Sister Carmin Muhammad’s Al Nisa Designs was listed as top designer and received a full branding package by Ala Hamdan, world renowned film producer and corporate image mogul. Ms. Muhammad was presented with the main award, the Louis Vuitton Fashion Award that includes marketing and branding.

During the highly-acclaimed fashion extravaganza, the International Design Council, Mercedes Benz and Torino hosted the first ever segment of modest designers. Ms. Muhammad’s stunning designs proved that women can be modestly dressed and stylish. She was invited to participate as one of the Islamic Fashion & Design Council’s (IFDC) designers, because her Al Nisa Brand Designs expression of true femininity.

Designers from around the world participating during the five-day event, which also included buyers, manufactures, fabric retailers, brokers, investors, etc. 

Ms. Muhammad established Al Nisa Designs in the mid-90s, with timeless, tailored clothing for modestly dressed women. The force behind this passion came by way of fulfilling a much-needed personal desire to be stylishly dressed as a modest, young, woman.

For nearly two decades, Ms. Muhammad has provided tailored, custom clothing to women around the country. Al Nisa named for a chapter in the Islamic book of scripture the Holy Qur’an called, “The Women,” is a brand designed to create an emotional connection to a segment of modest buyers. The collection’s pieces include tailored suiting, sportswear, special occasion dresses, denim, and a couture line. -Source: Final Call News

Muslim designer wins prestigious awards at Torino Fashion Week