News Post Date: April 26, 2017

The unjust killing of Freddie Gray who sustained fatal injuries while in the custody of Baltimore police may have left news headlines, but the support, love and demand for justice remains and continues to grow.

The F.O.I and M.G.T. of Muhammad Mosque No. 6 in the city, joined the community in a clean-up and gathering near the Gilmore Housing area where Gray was apprehended. The Believers were well-received, especially by the youth. A basketball game and cookout followed the clean-up and many residents received copies of the Final Call newspaper distributed by the Muslims. “We were one brotherhood that day,” said Bro. Anthony Muhammad of Mosque No. 6 who was part of the outreach efforts. Bro. Carlos Muhammad serves as student minister of Mosque No. 6.

The theme of the outreach was to ensure that Gray’s family were not the only ones fighting for justice. Every community needs to know that they’re not alone, Bro. Anthony continued. In the footsteps of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, showing support and engaging with the community is a step towards our unity, he added.

Efforts for the clean-up were facilitated by Student 1st Officer Isaiah Muhammad. “Allah (God) Placed on my heart an idea to do a community clean up in some of our “worst” neighborhoods here in Baltimore City! I want to thank Andrew Muhammad for giving us the Green Light and Support To Put It In Motion!” said Bro. Isaiah via Facebook. Bro. Andrew is the student F.O.I. captain.

He added, “The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said ‘God didn’t give you a gift for you to be afraid to use it. He gave it to you out of his love for you. Get up and do something! Share your gift with the world.’ Bro. Isaiah thanked the organizing team of Xavier Harper, Antonio X, Alimayo A. Muhammad, Jihad Elijah Muhammad Marquese X, Anthony Peña and Eric Ali for their help in making the idea a reality. —Compiled by Final Call staff