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Saviours’ Day Vending

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Vendor Information

In The Name Of Allah (God), The Beneficent, The Merciful

Happy Saviours’ Day 2018

Vending Information for Saviours’ Day Bazaar

As-Salaam-Alaikum: (Peace Be Unto You)

May this letter find you and your family well and in the best of health and spirit.

Thank you so very much for your desire to be a Vendor for our Historic Saviours’ Day Celebration starting on Thursday, February 22nd thru Sunday, February 25th, 2018. By Allah’s (God’s) Grace, this year’s Saviours’ Day Celebration will be an experience of a lifetime.

Your support as a Vendor will add to the beauty and the majesty of this historic event.

The Saviours’ Day Bazaar will be held this year at the Historic McCormick Place in, (Exhibit Hall C1) It’s a great location, very accessible and visible and will accommodate each vendor in a very excellent manner.

The chosen Vending location will provide a consistent opportunity for you to showcase your merchandise to a warm and supportive crowd on Thursday- (Early Load In), Friday and Saturday. We are working daily to ensure that we enjoy an audience of thousands to support the Vending Bazaar for our Saviours’ Day Convention.

The application process is very simple, and each vendor will enjoy an excellent atmosphere to market your products.

Please take a moment and complete the Vendor Application with as much detailed information as possible. This process is critical as the information that you provide will enable us to place your booth in the best area for success.

Example: If you are a book vendor, clothing vendor, jewelry vendor, t-shirt vendor, suit, ties and dress shirt vendor, purse/pocketbook vendor, music vendor, etc. please specify your items that we may place you in the best area that will enable you to interact with as many potential supporters as possible.

You will receive a confirmation number of payment once your application is complete and paid in full.

Unfortunately, No Food or Beverage Selling Is Allowed:

Booth Sound Levels will be monitored for those using speakers and/or television monitors. Please be courteous to your neighbors and keep your volume within your 10X10 booth area.

Please know that if any vendor is found in violation of the Food & Beverage or the Noise Policy, that Saviours’ Day reserves the right to remove the vendor from the premises and no refunds will be granted.

The Vendor information is as follows:

  • The Bazaar Booth price is only $400.00.

  • This price includes Early Vendor Load In on Thursday, February 22nd . From 10am-6pm only. Early Load In is important as it will ensure that we are prepared to serve our supporters on Friday as early as 9am. Please take advantage of Early Load In.

Special Note: The official Vending begins on Friday from

8am-10pm and based on a very heavily attended class in the same hall as Vending Our Vending hours on Saturday are from 11AM to 11PM. By Allah’s (God’s) Grace, we will benefit heavily from the partcipants that will be participating in the Hall.

Thursday Early Load In begins at 10am.

Special Note:

No vehicles will be allowed to drive into the Vending Hall at any point.

The McCormick Place does not allow it.

Be sure to bring your dolly, push cart etc. to aid with the unload.

The McCormick Place staff will also assist but we all must be very self-sufficient to help speed up the unload process.

Parking is available thru the McCormick Place and they are fairly reasonable.

Please know that there is no vending on Sunday.


  • Vending Booth includes a 10’X10’ Vending Area, 8 Foot Skirted Table, Two Chairs, Vendor’s Booth Sign, an Official Vendor Badge, and most of all, an enthusiastic audience of thousands to support each of us for our Saviours’ Day Celebration.

  • Vendor “Early” Load-in Day is Thursday, February 22nd from 10am-6pm.  THURSDAY LOAD-IN IS ENCOURAGED AND IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.

  • Specific Vendor Load and Unload Location Information as well as Booth Assignments will be forthcoming to each vendor.


Please know that you may leave your products in your booth during the Convention as we will provide 24-hour security for your convenience beginning on Thursday, February 22nd thru Saturday, 24th.

Vending Sales Hours are as follows:

  • Thursday Early Load In —10am- 6pm
    (This may be a light day for sales, as attendees will be arriving).

  • Friday---8am-10pm.

  • Saturday---8am–10pm. Load Out no later than 11pm.


  • Saturday close and load-out will be at 11 p.m. We must be completely loaded and out of the Arena by 12:00 midnight.

In conclusion, SD 2018 in Chicago Illinois is going to be a wonderful and historic event. We look forward to serving you the entire weekend, and we pray that Allah (God) will bless us with overwhelming success. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly by e-mail at or [email protected], [email protected], or by calling toll free at 866-602-1230 ext. 200.

We thank you so very much for your ongoing support and we look forward to serving you with an abundance of Joy, Love, and Brotherhood as we celebrate one of the Greatest Saviours’ Day Weekends in Our Nation’s History. Happy Saviours’ Day 2018.

May Allah (God) continue to bless, comfort, and to strengthen us all in this critical hour.


Brother Fontaine Muhammad
Saviours’ Day Vending Coordinator 2018

Vendor Application

Vendor booth ordering is now closed.

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