System Requirements

In order to watch webcasts, the following are required:

  • Up-to-date web browser: Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome, etc.

Mobile Devices, Phones, Tablets: You should have no problem viewing on your smart phone or tablet. Regardless of what browser you use, you may need to tap once on the video player to start it.

Desktops/Laptops: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS X 10+ Ubunto 10+ or Linux OS 11+

A fast Internet connection, preferably with 500+ Kbps for continuous playback. Wired connections are often more reliable than wireless connections.

Why are there different bit rates?

The player utilizes different bite rate video streams in order to cater to a greater number of users. In turn, each user is automatically served with the best quality video allowed by the speed of their connection.

Use this Internet speed test to determine which quality you are capable of receiving. Your download speed is most relevant.

How does the player know which bit rate video to deliver to each user?

Our Live and On Demand players feature Internet speed detection when the and serves the user the correct video stream depending upon their speed.

Even though I have all the system requirements, why can I not see or hear any videos?

1. If you launch the player while other audio applications—including but not limited to mp3 players—are running, you may have trouble hearing the video's sound. If this is the case, close your browser and all audio applications. Restart your browser and return to the video.

2. If you are behind a firewall, check to see if you can get to popular sites on the internet like Google. If you cannot, check your connections. If this does not solve the problem there may be a problem with your connection to the internet, we recommend that you contact your service provider. If there is no problem getting to the sites like Google, then you may have certain ports locked down on your firewall.


If you are experiencing problems accessing streaming video content, it may be that you are behind a firewall that prevents access on certain ports. Firewalls are security programs that block unauthorized traffic to and from your PC. If you are on a corporate network, please check with your network administrator. If you have a personal firewall installed on either your home system or on a home network router (firewalls are sometimes pre-installed with ADSL or cable modems), then refer to your product's documentation on how to allow access. Due to the large numbers of possible products and setups, we are unable to troubleshoot your particular firewall connection problems for you.

The "Embed" Error on Apple Phone or Tablet

If you receive an "Embed" Error on your Apple Phone or Tablet, try the following resolution:

Go Settings >> Safari >> Scroll down to "Request Desktop Website" >> Turn off "All Websites"

Why is my video choppy and/or buffering frequently?

Buffering is normally caused when your individual internet connection is not fast enough to keep up with the bit rate of video you are watching. Those using shared and public Internet connections may also experience some buffering because the network is shared by other users so connection speeds can slow down or drop at busy times. To minimize the problem close any other application(s) which may be using the internet connection.

Why can I hear the audio but not see the video?

This occurs when the speed of your Internet connection is lower than the bit rate of the video clip you are watching and can be caused by either (a) your selecting of a bit rate for the video clip that is to high for your Internet connection or (b) Internet traffic congestion reduces the speed of your connection below what it should be (for example, you have a high speed DSL or cable modem connection to the Internet, but due to Internet congestion or shared usage, the effective speed of your Internet connection is actually closer to a 56kbs dial up connection).

Use this Internet speed test to determine which quality you are capable of receiving. Your download speed is most relevant.

What if I find a bug in the system?

Please send an email to support at [email protected]

How can I contact support?

You can contact our technical support staff at [email protected] . Our technical support staff will respond as soon as possible to emails and you may call 866-925-2707 during live events. If you have a spam filter running (often enabled by default on AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo), please check your 'spam', 'bulk', or 'junk' mail folder in the event that your spam filter intercepts our reply to your email.